After all, what are the chatbots?

July 5, 2019

Chatbots are robots designed to complement and optimize your company’s communication system. Programmed to have real conversations, they collaborate and streamline the customer service flow in the function you prefer and need the most, from answering questions to scheduling sales.

Droz, a virtual assistant, uses the automated service in an effective way. By organizing a flowchart, you can select the most frequently asked questions and bureaucratic matters that are most requested by your customers, such as locating a product, checking shipping status, help navigating your company website, and others.

Despite all the help, this tool doesn’t replace human work, it allows only more complex services to be directed to your agents, ensuring a reduction in the demand for personal service and more time available for other activities.

The implementation of Droz Chatbot offers cost reduction – with professional plans starting at BRL 1,500 a month – as well as reducing requests and service queues; it can retain 10 to 40% of the online service calls and can be adapted to different platforms, such as website and social media. It also serves as a facilitator of the consumer journey and the best: looking just like your brand, being 100% customizable!

What do you think of reducing your costs by up to 40% in the first 60 days? Meet Droz!