How can chatbots help you stand out in the market?

July 5, 2019

All the breakthroughs that have been going on in society have reached many (virtually all) areas of our lives, and of course the labor market would not be immune to all of this. And as expected, keeping up with it and still being able to stand out has been an increasingly difficult task.

Among all the changes the market undergoes periodically, technological breakthroughs and all the influence it has on the corporate environment are key. Optimizing time, reducing costs, and standing out is the primary focus for developing a business, and technology is proving ever more present and efficient for everyone to achieve their own business goals. A good example of this is the development of software such as chatbots.

Today, it is possible to find examples of the success leveraged by bots in several companies, in several industries. Casas Bahia, for example, during its 2016 Black Friday campaign, deployed a chatbot to Facebook Messenger and managed to get thousands of simultaneous interactions – which attracted consumers’ attention, ensuring good experience in customer-shop contact and leading to the retention of that audience – resulting in 46,000 clicks directed to the store’s website.

The use of this tool has been affecting even major events. Rock In Rio, one of the biggest music festivals in the world, decided to create Roque (its bot – persona), and during the 7-day event, it helped more than 77,000 people and exchanged approximately 3 million messages.

Biva, an end-to-end loan platform, is another example that allows us to see the efficiency of chatbots. In just two months as a Droz customer, they achieved more than 400 interactions with the bot and managed to reduce 32% of their human services and 40% of costs.

The new consumer prioritizes good service, agility and practicality more and more. By finding the company that meets your needs and offers a differentiated and secure service, they are interested in staying loyal to it. Therefore, your business has a competitive edge which considerably increases retention.

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