How to insert innovation in your company?

July 5, 2019

Keeping up with the market moves and the flow of changes in your consumer audience has become an increasingly difficult factor. For this, innovating in your business means having more possibilities and growth. But what does innovation mean to you?

Innovation is modifying, surprising, reinventing; summing up: it’s all that is new. But it’s not so easy; innovation can come in the management of your company, structure, product, service and various other areas that support your business.

What if there was a key factor that would allow innovation to be implemented in all of these areas? Technology can promote all these changes. It provides the breakthrough, the ease and the agility in the procedures, as well as collaboration to solidify your company in the market where it operates – of course, if you are aware of the trends and know exactly which tool to use.

Investing in technology is one of the keys to considerable progress in your business, and more and more organizations are looking to invest as much as they can in this resource. A survey conducted by Dell Technologies shows that: 73% of companies agree on the need for the organization to prioritize technology, 66% are in the planning phase of investing in IT infrastructure, leadership and digital skills, and 72% are expanding their software development capabilities.

Showing yourself different from your competitors has always been and always will be one of the main goals in the corporate world, and so, each company with its own way, seek stability in the market. But how does one know about the differentiated tools in the market? How does one know what should be done to stand side by side and even stand out over competitors? To help you with these questions, we will remind you of the tool that has been gaining more and more visibility: chatbots.

With considerable business advantages, they have been the choice of companies of all sizes that seek to reinvent themselves, reposition themselves in the market, and gain credibility with traditional customers and millennials (some 88% of them prefer to talk on social media – and this is possible with this tool). According to a survey conducted by North American IT professionals, at least 24% of businesses already use chatbots, and by the end of the year that number is likely to rise to as much as 40%.

In addition, a global survey by Mindbowser and Chatbot Journal points out that: 67% of respondents believe that in up to 5 years chatbots will outpace mobile applications, as the tool is easily adapted to a wide range of segments. Today, big companies are already aided by this tool. Featured examples are: Uber, Sephora, Adidas and many others. The possibility of adapting to your business on different platforms is a differential in this innovation.

Thinking about the needs of your company, why not to deploy this tool on your system?

24 hours a day, 7 days a week customer service is something to think about when it comes to innovation. Especially when we consider that people today have flexible schedules and are always connected to online platforms. Innovating your business for instant service, with high availability and adaptable to multiple platforms is one of the best options. Not to mention that it would collaborate with optimizing your team’s time enabling the internal development of your organization’s production flow.

Being able to offer differentiated service with internal and external improvements, for a long time, was a solution with high investment cost, but implementing the bots can give you all the necessary innovation, generate cost reduction and still a quick return of your investment.

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