Proactive chatbot: a hero or a villain?

July 5, 2019

Do you know how proactivity is linked to a chatbot? Do you know how this can be beneficial for your company development and to delight your customers?

Chatbot is one of the most commonly used tools for companies to provide self-service – one of the main requirements for a proactive service. Through this, customers can communicate directly with the company and have their questions answered quickly.
But if your intention is to delight customers and get ahead of competitors, proactive chatbots can be the key to your success. This model differs from the traditional one. With proactive service, customers are tracked in their searches during website navigation, enabling the bot to learn about your customers’ needs, habits and preferences. So, even before the customer has a question, the bot anticipates and sends the message that the user probably needed, i.e. self-service and proactivity together!
The proactive chatbot collaborates not only to reduce queues but also to target complex calls to specific departments according to the customer’s needs – informing the path that must be followed by them to effectively clarify their questions.
Thus, the customer experience with your brand will be improved – increasing retention rate – as well as the internal services of your company. This is because agents will have more time to fully understand the needs that must be met and will then offer even more qualified services when requested. However, assertive mapping is required to deploy it on your website, as a poor configuration can cause misleading guidance for those navigating on your website.
In both options (common or proactive chatbot), your company approach with the customer is a priority. The messages sent must be fully humanized, bringing the experience closer to the real deal – which strengthens the bond.
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