Step by step: how to create a customer journey?

July 5, 2019

As everyone knows, customer satisfaction is a major influencer for business growth, audience retention, and market recognition. So it’s critical that you devote much of your project and strategy to good service. With that in mind, you’ve decided to deploy chatbots on your system, facing one of the most important steps: setting up effective dialogues for an assertive customer journey.

It is important to note that you should join your relationship team. They are the ones who are closest to customers and know: frequently asked questions, preferences, consumption habits and much more. After that, it’s important that you understand your audience and have your goals set.

Now, understand some important steps for effective dialogues.


Understanding who consumes the most of your product makes it easier to define a language that fits with your customers’ age, preferences, and habits. And remember, the quality and language of the service must be maintained from the beginning to the end of the contact.


By contacting the relationship team, you have gained relevant information for your process, and you can take the first steps from here. Consider all possibilities, from purchase, exchange, help, questions, payment, monitoring an order status, etc. This will allow you to start defining the dialogs you will use with each group of customers.

In addition, when using the chatbots system, your company will use Machine Learning. That is, the more interactions customers have with your platforms, the more the bot will learn efficient ways to interact with customers, identify if it’s their first visit; how long it has been since their last contact with the company; the most accessed products/services and much more.

Here is an example of a dialogue between a retailer and a new customer:

Droz: Hello, welcome! What is your name?

Customer: Joe.

Droz: How are you, Joe? It’s a pleasure to have you here. How can I help you?

At this point it is recommended: to offer buttons or open a text box to write what you need. Although the possibility of writing conveys the idea of a natural conversation, directing through buttons can be more efficient.

Click Options: General questions; I want to make a purchase;

Selected by the customer: General questions.

Here we recommend to further direct your client to assertively meet their needs. Provide more button or dialog box options so they can write what they want.

Click options: Questions about delivery locations; I want to know a product; I want to track the shipping status of my product.

 Selected by customer: Questions about delivery locations;

Droz: Joe, let’s do it, I’ll help you with this! Check out the list below for all cities where our products are available for delivery! [photo or link list].

Droz: We have a delivery time of 5 days maximum, for all regions! You can check the shipping fee at the time of purchase.

Droz: What else can I do for you, Joe?

Click Options: I want to buy now; I still have questions; I want to go back to the main menu; that’s all for today.

With attitudes like this you can direct, answer, and even connect from one platform to another. For example: From your Facebook page to your online store. This demonstrates your brand’s attention to meeting every customer’s needs.

 Selected by customer: I want to buy now.

Droz: I’m glad I answered your question. Now, just click here [link] and go directly to our website. Whenever you need us, it will be a pleasure to be with you. See you soon!

In this way, you: offered an agile, targeted, objective and efficient service. There are other possibilities, such as:

Welcome an old customer. Upon opening your page, one is greeted with a message like, “Joe it’s great to have you back! I remember you: here’s a promotion of the products you love, take a look [link]”.

This will make your customer feel special and remembered by the company.

 Direct customers to their favorite products.

 Eliminate waiting queues, quickly answering frequently asked questions (which will have increasingly correct answers, since there is Machine Learning).

The Droz Chatbot is a viable, easy-to-deploy alternative that requires no major investment. Now that you already know a little bit more about the services of this tool, put your strategy together with one and increase your chances of assertiveness.

Know and segment your audience. Meet their needs quickly and automatically, improve your internal operations and optimize the external services provided by your company.

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