The best use of chatbots in your company

July 5, 2019

Chatbots offer more than one use to your business. From sales opportunities, service and scheduling, to engaging customers and employees, and follow consumers’ new habits, having their functions adapted according to your goal and the platform you want to use for your business.

The sales function can be applied in your company as follows: integrate the bot into the e-commerce platform of your website. Thus, through your customers’ questions and requests, they will be directed to the product they want, having access to inventory availability and successfully buying the product.

The customer service function can be done in several ways and enable 24/7 communication. The Droz Chatbot, for example, is fully adaptable to social media, e-commerce, websites and back office and service platforms. Thus, it collaborates in troubleshooting, answering questions and offering detailed explanations.

Depending on your company’s focus, bots, when integrated with tools such as Google Calendar, for example, allow you to schedule appointments and visits in a simple way using the applications or directly on the websites, which gets rid of the need for telephone or face-to-face service.

In addition, they enable brand engagement through personalized contact and follow-up of your customers’ habits, knowing the best way to communicate with them, using from texts to gifs to achieve the goals of improving your company’s communication.

Droz is the ideal chatbot for your company!

Offering all these uses and giving the chance to make a personalized business, it already held over 230,000 conversations in the first half of the year.

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