Why are chatbots reliable?

July 5, 2019

Chatbots, despite simulating human service, cannot make decisions for themselves. They only follow the system’s settings, made by the teams in charge of administering the functions acquired for the bot.

They only respond to pre-set commands, and will only request or provide information that has been programmed. But Droz offers the option of working together with artificial intelligence, where the bot learns along the course of calls, thus, can meet the customer needs in a personalized way.

Not to mention that you can prepare your bot for certain situations through expressions that have the same meaning. That way, regardless of how your customer requests the same information (e.g.: “I want to pay my bill” or “invoice payment”), it will know exactly what needs to be done.

The Droz Chatbot won’t be able to provide or fetch anything from the company’s internal system if it has not been chosen and set up by your company, so there are no risks of exposing internal information. In addition, it is applied inside the base of the company’s website, which makes it impossible for viruses to appear.

So, unlike many people think, this tool is safe and guarantees several benefits for your company and your consumer.

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