Why will a chatbot save my operations on Black Friday?

July 5, 2019

Black Friday, the second most important seasonal date for retail and e-commerce, surpassed only by Christmas, will take place on November 23rd in 2018. In this period, demands increase considerably, always becoming an alarming factor to organize service teams.

To avoid this from becoming a barrier to your sales strategy in this period and to win new customers, read below how chatbots can save your operations on the date.

At a time like this, we must consider the factors that make your brand even more attractive to the public, and one of them is quality customer service. By offering a good shopping experience, your chances of increasing your loyalty rate and reaching new potential customers grow, and still puts your business into a growing position, gaining prominence in the market where it stands.

According to Reclame AQUI (a customer’s complaints website), on Black Friday of 2017, the 3 most complained stores received criticisms related to: general service, customer service problems, delivery delays or problems in completing purchases. Could the deployment of chatbots help reduce complaints? Would that have a high investment cost? Let’s keep reading to know the answer!

Without requiring an investment as high as hiring a full service team, chatbots are able to serve thousands of people simultaneously, following a communication journey, making sure to provide an efficient service. And being active for your customers whenever they need is a plus for your company’s image. With bots, you offer a 24/7 customer service and allow customers to query multiple channels, such as your website or your Facebook page.

As they provide customer service, they perform not only the role of an attendant but also the one of a salesperson. They assist on the customer’s journey to find products within the categories that attract them most, promotions, check purchase status at any time of the day and issue tickets. All followed with a personalized service from pre to after sales. This improves brand engagement with its target customer. So Droz is the right tool to work together with your company this Black Friday. Adaptable to multiple platforms and fully customizable (according to your audience and the goals set for your business), it features the most varied benefits. Check this out:

• Meet high demand;
• Reduce queues;
• Optimize your teams’ working hours;
• Ensure good customer experience with your brand;
• Reduce the number of abandoned carts;
• Increase your conversion rate and loyalty;
• Therefore, it grows profits.

What are you waiting for to become a success case this Black Friday? Choose the right plan for your store needs and have the upper hand!
What do you think of reducing your costs by up to 40% in the first 60 days? Meet Droz!