Integrate, set up and track every tool of your service operation and customer experience in a single place.
Integration centralization. Process efficiency.
Droz-Integration is an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service), a centralizing platform integrating systems which focuses on customer service and customer experience. Integrate channels of service, marketplaces, and CRMs, centralizing your team in a single place: better control and agility for your operation.

Centralization of all integration

Improvement in development efficiency

Optimization of service operation processes

Reduction in infrastructure costs

Higher efficiency in integration

Shorter implementation time

Complete tracking of integration: track all your integration in real time

Low code: low dependence of development for implementation and maintenance


Process inefficiency

Little scalability of development

Instability of codes

Complex integration and codes

Individual implementation of integration

Management and tracking of each integration

Longer implementation time


Greater autonomy

With intuitive interface, the platform allows autonomy for the business to create their own integration flow, enabling the reuse of codes and structures and optimizing the whole implementation process.

Make systems integration simpler

All the tools your service operation needs integrated and set up with a single click.

A complete solution not only for those seeking to make system integration simpler, but also to optimize customer service operation.