Accurately measure customer satisfaction and make data-driven decisions

Collecting data is not enough: you must know how to use it

The best way to ensure your business delivers what your customers want is to regularly carry out surveys, collect feedback, and manage their satisfaction. Droz survey facilitates these tasks, allowing you to measure your Customer Service’s efficiency, quality, and scalability.

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Meet Droz survey

Droz Survey is a 100% online platform that centralizes and manages your customer satisfaction surveys and data. Have a complete understanding of your customers’ journey and make better decisions to enhance their experience.

Easily manage your data

Collecting data about your customers’ satisfaction is not enough: it is critical to understand it. Droz Survey brings intelligence to all stages of your customer satisfaction management process.

Data collection

  • The best metrics to collect the most relevant information;
  • Conditional branching (or Skip logic);
  • Automatic sending of surveys, according to your customers’ journey;
  • Survey answers received through other platforms are also captured to keep your data centralized.

Data analysis

  • Choose which teams can have access to specific survey reports;
  • Simple and thorough reports can be personalized to your business demands.

Taking action

  • A ticketing system that allows your agents to contact clients;
  • Automatic emails sent to survey respondents;
  • Notifications are sent to teams in charge of specific stages of the journey so they can outline improvement plans.


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