Envie e receba
mensagens de seus clientes

Com o Droz-bot dentro do WhatsApp você consegue falar com quem quiser, automatizando o seu atendimento e usando o canal preferido dos brasileiros.

1 Billion

people use WhatsApp daily
0 %
of smartphones in Brazil have WhatsApp, and Brazilians are heavy users of the app
0 %
of customers prefer to talk with companies through WhatsApp

Talk whatever you want with your client on the most popular channel in Brazil

Droz offers the service by WhatsApp to receive and you can set a trigger, select a list of contacts that you want and with just 1 click send to all of them.

Droz-bot (passive)
Receiving Messages

Set up your WhatsApp business with Droz-bot to receive and answer to your customer’s messages anytime and anywhere, without the need of human assistance. Don’t keep your customers waiting, automate your service!

Triggering messages
by WhatsApp

Select your contacts from a certain segment and set up a trigger for your list through WhatsApp. That way your customers can receive news and tips on their favorite communication channel!

Want to know more about how Droz can be integrated into your WhatsApp Business and automate your service?

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Know our partnership program that was prepared for you to create new revenue opportunities with existing customers, acquire new customers, develop applications and much more. Become a Droz partner and make it all happen.

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