Offer your customers automated and personalized multichannel support

Enhance the experience of your customers and agents

Stop worrying about the high volume of after-hours requests by offering 24/7 personalized customer service. Our intelligent chatbot is fully integrated with the main channels and platforms available in the market to take your customers’ and agents’ experience to a whole new level.

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Meet Droz bot

Droz bot is a multichannel tool that brings brands and customers together, enhancing customer service and elevating customers’ experience. It gives your clients autonomy while enabling your agents to easily collect data without changing screens or channels.

Use cases

Offer support to your customers wherever and whenever they need it

Droz bot supports integration with various platforms and messaging apps, allowing you to create and sustain a single flow of communication. Send and receive automated messages through your customers’ channel of preference.

WhatsApp integration

Have your bot integrated with WhatsApp, offering support wherever and whenever your customers want it. Droz bot also actively sends out messages to customers, either providing them with information or inviting them to interact with your bot.

Droz bot’s passive feature: receiving messages

Integrate your WhatsApp Business account with Droz bot to have your customers’ messages and simple requests answered at any time, without the need to rely on human service. Don’t let your customers hang. Bring automation to your customer support!

Droz bot’s active feature: sending messages

Set up message triggering to selected contacts via WhatsApp. Your customers will be able to receive news, tips and get updated about your products or services all through their preferred communication channel!

Instagram integration

Instagram isn’t just a marketing tool, it’s increasingly important for sales and customer service as well. That means your customers have yet another channel to choose from, while also expecting high-quality support in it.

Take advantage of Droz bot to reach your customers through Instagram’s direct messages, using features that include automation, scalability and self-service.

Fully customizable chatbot

Droz bot is a state-of-the-art platform that allows your company to create chatbots quickly and intuitively, tailoring them to your business needs.

Have access to a user-friendly platform where you can design your bot’s conversation flow as you prefer. With Droz you can customize your chatbot with different themes that match your brand’s identity.

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